Happy Readers

I’m working in a paid relationship with McDonald’s UK and BritMums highlighting the Happy Readers programme, which provides books to children with their Happy Meals. The things we do to please our kids, the adventures we plan, the outings we have and who knew they could be just as happy with a Happy Meal and […]

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This month Leeds City Dweller, the magazine I write a column in, is championing Leeds Pride ready for celebrations in August. It made me think about the word pride and how we use it and define it in our lives. When I looked up the word ‘pride’ in the thesaurus, it gave me words like, […]

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Spring has sprung 🌸

I’m speaking in very whispered tones as I don’t want to scare it away…but Spring has finally sprung. The spring Equinox was officially on the 20th March. The days will start to feel longer (and in a good way), the sun will appear much sooner and believe it or not your face will start to […]

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