Summer Trainers

I know we’re all desperate to dress up and get those heels on but I can’t help but see the amazing trainers out and about and it makes me want to stick to them!  New Balance has become the new ‘it’ brand with their favourites selling out faster than you can blink! The crisp white […]

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Wardrobe Playlist

When I get up on a morning, after putting the kettle on, I tell Alexa to play Heart 80’s. I’m guaranteed a banger first thing on a morning. A good song can really lift my mood. During the first lockdown, I would play Wouldn’t it be nice, by the Beach boys and Are you gonna […]

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Sparkle and Shine

I find it ironic that over the years people laugh or pass comment when you tell them you’ve got a Christmas Day outfit planned, yet this year, half the country will be sat in their homes wearing the most glamorous outfit they own. To get dressed up and sit around the house is a strange […]

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The first of many…

Where to flipping start. ‘What a crappy year’ is the understatement of the century. If anything, this year has shown us what matters in life. It slowed us down whether we wanted to or not. I’ve enjoyed the little things this year, more than any other. Running in the summer. Walking these past few autumn […]

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How to be sustainably on trend

We’ve all had a tough few months. I’m sure we’d all love to splurge and treat ourselves to feel better. If you’re not in a position to do this and you love your fashion and trends, this is the ‘How to’ for you! If you know what trends are heading our way in the new […]

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Back to Basics

One thing this lockdown has forced me to do, other than the obvious homeschooling, Joe Wicks classes (for the first week at least) and excessive eating and drinking, is re-evaluate my wardrobe basics. The fact that I’ve gained weight and had a free boob job (weight gain bonuses), means I didn’t have much choice. It […]

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We’re all having a wobble…

The realisation that we’ve basically done the equivalent of the six weeks school holidays without any interaction with friends or family, plus adventures in the outside world, has made this weeks wobble feel worthy! No wonder cracks are starting to show. We’ve made it this far guys. And yet I feel the worst is still […]

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Make this your decade

Hello 2020! It’s the start of a new decade. What were you doing in your life a decade ago? Where will the next one take you? Exciting or daunting you have to admit all the things going on in the world can be quite overwhelming. It’s totally safer to stay in your own protective bubble […]

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Season of the Sequin

Anyone already thinking they don’t have a free weekend between now and Christmas? Once we hit October the party season comes thick and fast. Halloween kicks us off in style with dark costumes and smokey eyes. Whether you’re out in fancy dress or glamorous glad rags, the chance to dress up and sparkle has begun. […]

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Happy Readers

I’m working in a paid relationship with McDonald’s UK and BritMums highlighting the Happy Readers programme, which provides books to children with their Happy Meals. The things we do to please our kids, the adventures we plan, the outings we have and who knew they could be just as happy with a Happy Meal and […]

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This month Leeds City Dweller, the magazine I write a column in, is championing Leeds Pride ready for celebrations in August. It made me think about the word pride and how we use it and define it in our lives. When I looked up the word ‘pride’ in the thesaurus, it gave me words like, […]

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Lockdown Wardrobe rut

Currently sat writing in 1 of 3 loungewear combos that I invested in due to current lockdown life. Who even knew that we’d be using the word lockdown in 2020 and again in 2021? Who even knew what it meant? It means something different for everyone to be honest. Some are still getting up, taking […]

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